On the eve of Shabbat, just as G‑d's Holy Presence descends from Heaven and the world is brought into proximity with the Divine, so are the souls of Jews brought together in an intimate communion. For the Jewish people, Shabbat is the nexus around which our connections to each other are formed, solidified and expanded.

Chabad at Dartmouth stresses the importance of Shabbat on multiple different fronts. First, Shabbat is a time to de-stress, sit with friends, and simply talk about our week. At institutions like Dartmouth, the act of de-stressing, and disconnecting is incredibly powerful and enables Shabbat to be both a spiritual and a health benefit. Second, Shabbat is a community builder. Weekly attendees have their friends to reconnect with, and newcomers are welcomed into the Chabad community with open arms. It is incredibly common for students to bring friends who ultimately become regulars because of the tight-knit, inquisitive, and communal nature of Friday night dinner. Lastly, Shabbat is consistent. While classes change, assignments come and go, midterms cause fluctuating stress levels, students can always count on Shabbat being consistent each week. In this way Shabbat is the pinnacle event we have, catering to those who want Chabad to be a place of spirituality, learning, community, or religiosity. - Benjamin '22

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