Sinai Scholars Reflections

Wednesday, 9 May, 2012 - 12:48 pm

David Silver `12 

Shabbat dinner with the Sinai Scholars group was a good start to the field trip weekend. Our discussion with Professor Glinnert was very engaging and provoked some difficult questions about when, if ever, it is permissible to kill under Jewish law. The answers are often complicated, but the discussions shine light on these difficult cases. Closing Shabbat with dinner on Saturday night was also enjoyable, with another interesting talk by Professor Glinnert about the creation of woman.

Our field trip to Montreal was a good experience to get off campus with other Sinai Scholar students and see certain Jewish practices that are not readily available in a small town like Hanover. I enjoyed learning about the mikvah and those practices in an engaging talk by Rabbi Nu (spelling?). The visit to the Yeshiva was also very interesting and gave a window into the lives of students receiving a Jewish education. Lunch and dinner were great bonding times with the other Sinai Scholars, as well as the long drives to and from Montreal. The only complaint about the day was that we spent roughly the same amount of time in the car as in Montreal, but that may be the only option given our location in rural New Hampshire.

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