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day 4

Monday, December 8, 2014 - 2:14 pm
Posted by Rabbi Moshe Gray


Carl Neiser `15


Sal-Jew-tations from Israel!

Today, our group bid farewell to the Golan Heights with a hike up Mt. Arbel. Both the views from the summit and the difficult trail leading down the mountain were truly breathtaking. Everyone who participated deserves a hearty congrat-Jew-lations. 

Heading south, our group made our next stop in the beautiful city of Tzfat. There, we discussed Jewish mysticism, explored the artists' quarter, and learned about the city's history. The boys of the group made a brief excursion to the Ari Mikveh, the holiest Mikveh in the world. After bathing in its cleansing waters, we all felt thoroughly re-Jew-vented.

I can safely say that this country is the most geographically diverse place I've ever been to. Even though we've only been here for four days, it seems as though we've already seen so many different worlds. For instance, comparing the intensity of the Israel-Lebanon border with the tranquility of Tzfat is a lot like like juxtaposing Mr. Hyde and Dr. Shekel.

After Tzfat, we stopped by the home of our tour guide's parents. They were extremely hospitable to us, especially his father: while we were there, Hebrew'd us some coffee.

Now, as we head towards Netanya and say goodbye to northern Israel, I look forward to seeing what else this amazing country has to offer, as well as subjecting my peers to my awful dad-puns.


Peace out cub scouts,




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