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Day 2

Saturday, December 6, 2014 - 5:38 pm
Posted by Rabbi Moshe Gray


Day 2 Captains Log:

By Sam Glick



We were able to sleep in this morning, which gave us all a great relief from our exhaustion due to jetlag. We started the morning with a nice Kiddush, filled with grape juice and wafers. We then took a lovely tour of our Kibbutz and got to see the cows and land that support the people living in the Kibbutz. The fun fact of the day was that Israeli cows produce 30 L of milk a day, a whopping 16 more than American cows. We were also able to experience an incredible view overlooking the Golan from the Kibbutz behind a fence labeled "Danger, Mines," which we have learned is commonplace in the region due to the wars in years past. Lunch was delicious, and we had lots of relaxation time afterwards to hangout and get to know each other better. Next, we had a fascinating and heated discussion with Rabbi in which we were able to ask him any questions we wanted concerning Israel or Judaism in general. Everyone was engaged, and it was really interesting to hear Rabbi's views and beliefs on pressing matters in today's society.


Next, we started off our night by going to dinner in Tiberius. Dinner was delightful, and we all sat outside enjoying the cool, breezy night. We then ventured across the street and spent the rest of our night in Tiberius at a fun local pub. The way home, however, was not as fun as we spent most of the time fearing for our lives while our fearless bus driver, Alexander, zoomed around the tightest, scariest turns on the steep mountains of the Golan. Overall, it was another awesome day in Israel. 

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