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Day 8

Friday, December 13, 2013 - 8:05 am
Posted by Rabbi Moshe Gray

Austin Boral 16 and Dylan Krouse16


T’was the morning before Sabbath,

And all through Jerusalem Gate,

All the children were worried,

We would miss our big date.


Yesterday was a miracle--

It snowed and it snowed,

But we made it to the Old City,

Of our ancestors, years ago.


Earlier that day,

Our beloved soldiers departed,

Eight amazing new friendships,

We made since our trip started.


We waited in the basement

While the storm continued to rage,

Using all of the wifi,

To check our Facebook page.


In Hanover this weather

Would feel like a storm,

But we would have our Bean boots

And feel much more warm.


But we are woefully unprepared,

And so is the city,

Everything is shut down

Oh, what a pity!


At the Western Wall we stood,

And learned about the story,

Of our land and our people,

And the remains of King Herod’s glory.


We each wrote a note,

Curled into a ball,

With our hopes and our prayers,

To fit into the Wall.


Today Yad Vashem

Is where we should be

The Holocaust Museum

Is what we would see.

Instead a survivor,

Came to speak to us.

In the lobby we listened,

Because we couldn’t take the bus.


We learned of her past--

A truly powerful tale,

Of her fight for survival,

She persevered without fail.


The importance of these stories

Cannot be undermined,

It is our responsibility

To pass them through time.


After our guest said goodbye

It was time to explore,

We trekked to the market,

Escaping from the hotel’s door.


With hunger in our tummies,

And bags on our feet,

We stomped through the terrain,

On a mission to eat.


We found – according to Ronan

“Number 1 rugellah in all of land!”

It satisfied our hunger,

But the cold we could no longer stand.


We hurried our frosty feet,

Back to the hotel,

One journey was enough for the day,

We won’t celebrate Shabbat at the Kotel.


We now finish this tale,

Of our eighth day of Birthright;

Good Shabbas to all,

And to all a good night.

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