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Day 5

Wednesday, December 11, 2013 - 11:34 am
Posted by Rabbi Moshe Gray

Jake Levine   

  After a tough night in the tents, day 6 began with a hearty breakfast of pita and chocolate frosting with the Bedouins. Next, we hopped on an energetic pack of camels and rode around on a cool loop to see some of the desert. After taking some camel-selfies, the time came to say goodbye to the Bedouins and their great hospitality. We then embarked on a group hike to see the natural springs of Ein Ovdat and got our exercise on while climbing to the top of a cliff with an incredible view of the desert that surrounded us. The morning continued with a visit to David Ben Gurion’s tomb. Ben Gurion decided before his death that he wanted to be bonered in the desert because he saw its development as the next great challenge for the Israeli people. Our mall tour of Israel then started back up with a stop at the mall of Beer Sheva, in the hometown of our security guard/medic Timor. The team had time for a quick lunch and some of us indulged in soup or salad from Café Aroma.   A longer bus ride followed to the town of Natanya outside of Tel Aviv. After 36 hours of no showers and little sleep, a few hours were set aside to get clean and rested before the night out at the port. We went to a club where we partied with ourselves since we were too early for the local scene. And most importantly, we celebrated our very own Daniel’s 22nd birthday. 




“Boot and rally!” a wise man once said. And oh did we! Despite a trip to the hospital and a night of a vicious sickness in the luxurious Bedouin bathrooms (and in and around my…tent), we rode some camels. Mine’s name was Jones; coincidentally, there are no coincidences, but we found a camel named Gellman. Her pace was feverish. The Bedouins showed us great hospitality, and the direction to the nearest hospital…it wasn’t close J.   Getting on the bus was a relief after a night of dealing with the “jubonic” plague. 

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