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day 3

Monday, December 9, 2013 - 2:33 am
Posted by Rabbi Moshe Gray

Carrie Wolf

The rain began as soon as we left Ohalo Manor, but that didn’t stop us from heading into the mountains up to the Golan Heights. On our way, we stopped in Tiberius to pick up eight Israeli soldiers who will be traveling with us for the next five days. Just like us, this is their birthright, an opportunity to better understand and connect with their homeland. We have been having lots of fun with them so far and are looking forward to getting to know them better. After about an hour more on the bus, we got off for a jeep tour in the mountains. It was still raining but we threw on the extra large yellow raincoats the company provided us and hopped into the cars (3-6 people per jeep). We followed in a single file line up a very bumpy, wet road and some of us even got to enjoy some mud in our faces as we sped through the giant water filled potholes. Even though it was foggy and rainy we still got some beautiful views at the top of the mountain as we listened to Ronan’s history lesson on the series of wars that have taken place in the Golan Heights. With our pants and shoes soaked through, we got back into our jeeps and were all ready to head back to the base, but just as we were about to take off, one of the cars broke down. We stopped and waited as our guides tried to fix the jeep. Try as they might, it would not turn on….so we left it there along with the six students who had been riding in it...Just kidding! Luckily there was extra room in the other jeeps so everyone made it down the mountain safely. On our way we grabbed a couple of ripe grape fruits off the trees to eat later. So delicious! When we finally made it back to our bus we were quick to find our dry clothes to change into and headed to a shopping mall in Kiryat Schemon for lunch. Now we have three and a half hour bus ride (spanning half the length of the country) down to the desert near the Dead Sea where we will stay at another kibbutz.  

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