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Day 5 in Israel

Friday, December 7, 2012 - 8:08 am
Posted by Rabbi Moshe Gray

Written by Dalia McGill '16

After a fun night out in Tel Aviv we woke up this morning to a nice Israeli breakfast at the Galil Hotel. Following breakfast we got on the bus once again and headed over to the Independence Hall. We were greeted by a very nice lady who talked to us about the Independence Hall and we watched a short movie. Then we went into the room where Israel’s declaration of Independence was signed. It was a very interesting and informative visit. The lady also shared a personal story about her daughter, who is going to be in the army next year. She explained to us that nobody wants to send their child to the army, but people understand that Israel would not exist if that did not have to happen.

After visiting the Independence Hall we walked through Tel Aviv to get to the Carmel Market. We had a couple hours to explore the place on our own and it was great. They sold everything in that place; fish, bracelets, scarves, spices, olives, iphone cases, everything you could imagine was being sold there. It was also refreshing to be in a place surrounded by the people of Tel Aviv, and to get an idea of how life in Tel Aviv really is. Many people were buying food, probably for tonight’s Shabbat Dinner. I bought this really great carrot juice. I really enjoyed exploring the market, and I wish we had more time. But now we are on our way to Jerusalem, which I know will be amazing.

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