Passover 2024 schedule, all events at the Chabad House 

If you wish to join us please email and let us know you are coming. [email protected]

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Monday 22nd  Seder 7:30

Tuesday 23rd Services 10:30

Tuesday 23rd Lunch 1:00

Tuesday 23rd Seder 8:30

Wednesday 24th Services 10:30

Wednesday 24th Lunch 1:00

Wednesday 24th KFP dinner 6:00

Thursday 25th KFP dinner 6:00

Friday 26th Shabbat Dinner 7:30

Saturday 27th services 10:30

Saturday 27th Lunch 1:00

Saturday 27th Seuda Shlishit 7:00

Sunday 28th Holiday dinner 7:30

Monday 29th Services 10:30

Monday 29th Lunch 1:00

Monday 29th Holiday Dinner 8:30

Tuesday 30th Services 10:30

Tuesday 30th Lunch 1:00

Tuesday 30th Moshiach Meal 6:30

Holiday over 8:39 Eat Chametz 9:30