The Grays  

In 2003, the late summer winds blew a pair of sparks toward Dartmouth. Radiating energy, Rabbi Moshe Leib and his Rebbetzen Chani Gray have not taken long to complement and enhance Jewish life at the College.

Chani was born in Buffalo, New York and grew up in Pittsburgh. Following high school, she attended seminary in the holy city of Safed in Israel; thereafter, she taught Jewish studies for all grade levels at a Chabad Jewish day school in Long Beach, California. Chani is a voracious reader and enjoys time alone with her family. Elegantly modest and engagingly articulate, Chani sustains and holds together everything that happens at the Chabad at Dartmouth.

Moshe Leib was born in New York City and grew up in Seattle. Ever the Wandering Jew, Moshe Leib could never stay in just one place. By the time he obtained his rabbinical ordination in 2003 from the Chief Rabbi of Nachalat Har Chabad, Moshe Leib had studied at yeshivas in England, Israel, Canada and America. The Rabbi aka @crossfitrabbi enjoys Crossfit, reading and developing new skills . He also enjoys studying over coffee and just hanging out.

Making their lives even busier, the young Grays are blessed with 6 beautiful children: Mendel, Lieba, Tzvi Yehuda AKA TY,Rochel Leah, Alta and Ben. With the constant attention the kids receive from friends and admiring students, they are sure never to be lonely growing up at Dartmouth, where their father feels he has finally ceased his wandering.