On the eve of Shabbat, just as G-d's Holy Presence descends from Heaven and the world is brought into proximity with the Divine, so are the souls of Jews brought together in an intimate communion. For the Jewish people, Shabbat is the nexus around which our connections to each other are formed, solidified and expanded.

It is thus no wonder that at Dartmouth, Chabad's Friday night dinners are the fastest growing and most diverse regular gatherings of Jews on campus. Both students and professors take advantage of the home-like atmosphere, which affords a rare chance for informal interaction. Consequently, our dinner table is often overflowing with an ever-expanding number of welcome guests.

Experience the beauty of Shabbat at Chabad with great food and lively conversation. Come by yourself or bring a friend. We look forward to personally greeting you at our Shabbat table.

RSVP for you and your friends by emailing [email protected]

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