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New 6 Week Course on Jewish Mysticism

Soul Maps:a six week course on Jewish Mysticism

Soul Maps uses Jewish text to explore the relationship between your soul, mind, and everyday actions. This is a really cool and unique opportunity to examine religious texts once a weekwith friends and Rabbi Gray. No grades, no pressure, just discussion for the sake of it! (Awesome right?) It’s a great way to meet other Jews on campus and engage in discussions that you've always wanted to have but could never find the right time or place for.

Everyone is welcome and no prior Jewish education is needed!

Classes will meet once a week on Tue’s from 6-8, starting January 15 – march 1st


The class will help you…


  • Explore the source of guilt, conflict, and confusion, and find useful strategies for developing joy, purpose, and direction in everyday life
  • Address the occasional inner conflict between heart and mind 
  • Use the Tanya (Jewish text) to study the struggle between good and evil within the human soul
  • Engage in personal change and reach a greater state of spiritual sensitivity and personal enlightenment
  • Establish relationships with other Jews on campus and get to know Rabbi Gray


 Spaces are limited, so if you are interested sign up on the GoogleDoc below or blitz me if you have any questions.

If you’d like to take the class but are busy this term, you can always take it in the winter. It’s really not that big a commitment and will be very rewarding!




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